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ACE believes in quality of services. Services are provided with high degree of professional and ethical standards in the following areas:


  • Highway and Transportation Engineering

  • Rural & Urban Planning and GIS

  • Rural Infrastructure Development

  • Project Management Services

  • Water Resources Management

  • Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control

  • Water Supply and Water Treatment

  • Environmental Management and Engineering

  • Physical, Geo-technical and Hydrological Investigation

  • Human Resource Development and Training

  • Institutional and Organisational Development

  • Health and Education Sectors Development

  • Architecture and Buildings

  • Development Economics and Finance

  • Hydropower Generation, Transmission and Distribution

  • Petrochemical Engineering

  • Oil and Gas Pipelines and Infrastructure

  • Coastal and Estuarine Processes and River Works

  • Physical and Numerical Hydraulic Modeling

  • Mechanical Plant Management

  • Asset Management

  • Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock and Agro-economics

  • Energy and Power Development

  • Social Infrastructure Development

  • Community Development and Mobilization

  • Port & Harbour

GIS and IT Consultancy


During the last decade, IT and GIS are being used extensively in several of the projects undertaken by ACE. These include digital acquisition of survey data, automated processing, CAD, mapping, statistical analysis and spatial studies.


ACE offers the following specialized services in IT and GIS sectors:

  • Requirements analysis of clients and preparation of technical specifications

  • Assisting in procurement of systems and ensuring conformity with specifications

  • Development of software suiting clients� requirements and customisation of existing commercial software

  •  Training for the clients� staff


Our experience and capabilities in GIS and IT sector include:

  • Survey data processing

  • Computer aided drafting and mapping

  • Conventional and Internet-based software development

  • Development of new graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for existing systems

  • Different kinds of mapping (hazard, environmental, agricultural, cadastral, urban etc.)

  • Conversion of paper maps and engineering drawings to digital format

For each project a study of the available technology is carried out on a case-by-case basis and the best-suited solution is recommended to the client. ACE also assists the clients in procuring and installing the hardware